Sweet Health Potions
Sweet Health Potions
Sweet Health Potions

Sweet Health Potions

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Why buy a Gift pack?


Eiwa's Exclusive Gift Pack is an assortment of 60 ml each of all 6 (six) types of honey from our collection of Tulsi Honey, Neem Honey, Sheesham Honey, Himalayan Multi-Floral Honey, Mustard Honey, Ajwain Honey with unique health benefits. Packaged in a high quality handmade wooden box with delicate design to compliment the products.

This is a great gift for someone you care for.
This Festive season or special occasion lets gift a promise of peace, protection, and good health for our loved ones.

Let's show the purity and sweetness in our relationship by gifting them something as pure and sweet as our love for them!

Let's choose health for ourselves and our loved ones. Let's choose EIWA.

What is in this pack?


• A high-quality Handmade Wooden Gift Box

• Tulsi Honey, Neem Honey, Sheesham Honey, Himalayan Multi-Floral Honey, Mustard Honey, Ajwain Honey, all  60ml each

Customer Reviews

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Excellent taste
A True Sweet Gift


  • Traceability

    Single source honey can be traced to the type of plant, its location, and time period and bee species.

  • Safety

    It is pure and safe for consumers .

  • Consistency

    It ensures consistent flavour and texture

World's first honey traceable to the source.

Directly sourced from the farmers, who use our Technology, with no middlemen involved. Honey is bottled in the farm and is shipped to our fulfilment center from where it is shipped to the consumers.


Eiwa Honey is extracted using High-tech beehives designed for No Violence against the bees during honey harvesting.

The technology enables automatic extraction of honey from the storage frames within the hive without removing the frames or disturbing the bees. Brood frames with queen bees and larvae are untouched.


Farmers are partners for EIWA instead of just producers.

The farmers get access to subsidized technology, training on ethical and sustainable beekeeping and their produce is of higher quality. The honey is procured at 
a much higher rate than the prevailing market prices to make sure farmers are happy and do their best. The livelihoods of farmers increase without any dependency on marketing or support groups.


How can you trace your Eiwa Honey?

★ Customer Reviews

Let customers speak for us

157 reviews

It's one of the best honey I had in my life. However I finished only neem honey so far but can estimate the quality of jamin and ajwain fro m this itself . Kudos to EIWA.

Honey is very delicious

Full of Flavour and Tasty

I tentatively placed an order for one 250 gm Tulsi honey. Loved it. Now enrolled for a one year subscription. Received two new flavours so far, Neem and Sheesham. Love the taste. It is really worth it.

Good product

I tasted every product of eiwa. I would say the honey is genuine but most of the product taste similar also. One won't find much difference in taste with different flavours.


Love the product I have used many different honey eiwa purity and taste is 100% original.