EIWA HONEY brings you the most exquisite Sidr honey in India!

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EIWA HONEY brings you the most exquisite Sidr honey in India!

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Sidr honey is a monofloral single-origin honey that originates from the nectar of the Sidr (also known as Beri or Jujube) trees. A thick honey with a rich, lavish and buttery-sweet taste, it has a golden colour which darkens and turns reddish over time. When fresh, the honey has the same fragrance as the blooming Sidr flower!
It’s amongst the most sought-after varieties of honey in the world for its exquisite taste and cure-all health benefits - it is known to have antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, and research shows that Sidr honey is very similar to Manuka honey in terms of anti-microbial activity.
Known for its aphrodisiac properties in the Middle East, a cure for insomnia in China, and as an offering to Lord Shiva in India (signifying rejuvenation and vitality), Sidr honey is the perfect addition to your wellness routine.


Our pure and natural Sidr honey is slightly more expensive compared to the processed, treated, and de-natured varieties that are widely available in the market today – and with good reason. Our honey is raw and cold-extracted, meaning that the honey is taken from the hives with no heat applied. Applying heat makes honey runnier and kills off the good enzymes –and we ensure a heatless extraction process to keep the goodness intact for you!



Relieves Throat, Cough & Flu Symptoms

Sidr honey has impressive antibacterial activity, even when used in a minimal amount. When mixed with turmeric or cinnamon powder, it helps alleviate cough, cold, sinusitis, sinus pressure, etc.


Immunity Booster

Rich in potent antioxidants, Sidr honey helps fights free radicals in cells, which trigger diseases like cancer, influenza, and arthritis. The phenolic compounds (flavonoids) contained within it extend the antioxidant power.


Anti-Aging Properties

Sidr honey dramatically benefits your skin. From treating cystic acne to fading scars, it can be applied topically (in combination with other ingredients) to reverse the process of ageing, giving your younger, blemish-free and glowing skin.


Weight Loss

Sidr tree nectar is potent for weight loss. Honey is high in calories but has zero fats and low in sugar – a great alternative for those who want sweetness, but want to manage their weight.


Ulcers And Digestive Health

Another benefit of Sidr honey is that it acts as a digestive aid and gut healer. It prevents acid reflux, soothes stomach and bowel lesions in people suffering from Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It also protects and heals ulcers naturally, and helps you avoid post-meal discomfort from gastrointestinal disorders.


Heart Health

Sidr honey lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It results in decreased fat accumulation in the heart vessels thereby preventing the occurrence of heart attacks. It also improves blood circulation and helps reduce fatigue and loss of breath.


Cancer Treatment

Sidr honey has impressive antibacterial activity even when used sparingly - especially when mixed with cinnamon. It can be used in the treatment of different kinds of cancer, including pancreatic, brain, breast and liver cancer.



Sidr honey, when mixed with olive oil, carrot seeds, ginseng or cumin it acts as a potent aphrodisiac for natural erection in men, and without the side effects! You can also blend Sidr honey with nuts like peanuts, cashews, and almonds for the same effect.


  • Take 2-3 tablespoons as-is daily for optimum health.
  • Add a few drops to your black tea with a little lemon juice for a stimulating beverage
  • Drizzle as a sweetener on cupcakes, pancakes, waffles or fresh bread. (Tip - it also enhances the taste of savory curries!)
  • Apply topically on wounds and burns for effective healing.
  • Make a facemask using equal amounts of Sidr honey, olive oil, and almond oil. Apply on your face and wash after 15 minutes. It will leave your skin soft, supple and feeling lustrous.
  • To reduce bed wetting, consume one teaspoon of honey before going to bed. (Make sure you empty your bladder first.)

Ready to taste a drop of liquid gold with EIWA SIDR HONEY?


Our Sidr honey is honey extracted from the flowering Sidr tree found in Northern India. It is one of the most sought-after varieties of honey in the world because of its unique taste and texture and numerous health benefits. Sidr honey has been used as a natural remedy to treat a number of ailments across different countries, and the tree is even considered sacred in some cultures.

Sidr honey is known for its antibacterial,antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties, making it an ideal remedy for a host of health issues ranging from weight management to skincare and cancer treatment. The Sidr berries are known to be extremely nutritious, and this is passed down to the honey as well, giving your a product that is nutritionally superior to commercial honey.


Excellent product - a rarity actually!
The moment I opened the pack and had the first taste of mustard honey, the mustard in it kicked in. Amazing feeling man. It’s simply awesome and I would recommend all to try it out. The honey is definitely extremely high grade and awesome , am using it regularly for Ayurvedic kaadha and for regular consumption too

Ashish Mohan

Will recommend for quality and taste
Here is my personal observation and experience while I'm trying Eiwa for the first time.
1. Taste good and authentic
2. Timely Delivery
3. Packaging and information is good

Ruchi Khandelwal

Pure n authentic
Quality is tremendous and taste is natural. I definitely recommend go for it packing is high grade n shipping is quick

M K Siddiquu

Big companies make honey by laying liquid sugar on farm for bees but and obtain honey which is nothing but sugar and not from flowers. So mostly they don't put nutritional facts on the label specifying vitamin and mineral components. But Eiwa do mention these facts, also looked on their website for more information if it was single origin and Pesticide-Free, they did pass this test too. Looks quite promising so far.


The taste and texture is just awesome!!
I am a regular user of honey.. but have to say that I have never tasted anything like this before.

Ashwathi Menon

Best honey in quality ,taste consistency and richness
I think this is best honey in quality ,taste consistency and richness - looking the latest technology they have mentioned on their website. I did scan the QR code and got all the information of the farm and details of it on my mobile. It was good to know all the detailed information. Makes this product legit and highly recommendable.

Deepak Gupta

Cures cold and cough like magic!
I tried Tulsi Honey for my 5 year old who gets frequent bouts of cough and cold in winter. This time when she got a cough, I gave her ginger-tulsi honey instead of usual cough syrup. The cough reduced drastically in a day and I avoided using cough syrup altogether. Must try ..


The honey is addictive!
This honey is detectable and addictive! It reminded me of caramel at first when I tried it for the first time, I enjoy it adding to my green tea now. I'm looking forward to trying other two types of honey that they have mentioned on their website, the Ajwain and Sheesham. 

Avnish Singh


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