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Real Nectar

The product is fabulous and looks to be 100% genuine.I have taken the first teaspoon today and my instinct tells me that it is going to be beneficial.I'll keep you posted after observing it's effects.

Really beautiful

Need one more sample haaaaa its superbb


I couldn't distinguish any difference. You can try.

Neem honey

It was v heathfull

Good product

The Eiwa Honey is great & tasty. It's great

Golden nectar

Tried out Eiwa Honey recently & it was absolute bliss.. Tasting it ; one could feel the superiority of the product and its difference from other mass marketed honey brands..

Purest and tastiest honey

By far best honey i ever tasted with top quality

It's amazing

Healthy n awesome honey

I truly like ajwain honey. It"s healthy for kids as well as elders.

True Natural Honey

I was really happy to receive a sample pack from EIWA and more interestingly i really like the minutes details that they have shared with their customers, like origin of the product and plant from where it has been abstracted. Thank you for keeping your words and delivering pure pack of honey

Worth the money

I have been consuming Eiwa Honey since a while and getting a yearly subscription makes more sense. The honey is delivered on time and their products are undoubtedly pure due to their indigenously developed tech which eliminates any human interference.

Nice product

Honey sample quality is very good.its ajwain honey made in nature and original not suger sirup so you all can try it.

Good organic product

My elder brother loved it before we used local honey it tastes weird after we using this is good feel....

Awesome honey

Hey I love the taste but one thing you guys can make this honey in new flavour I got ajwain honey flavour which is good but I would like to get some new flavours and the package is well packed and handeled with care


I heard that to preserve honey for long time many people heat the honey🍯 if it is not heated honey.. It's really good.. Nice product..

It's real honey

I can say that the EIWA honey is nothing but pure honey as I have honey which i got from the honey comb in my garden and they both almost taste the same in terms of quality.
I tried the Tulsi honey from EIWA.

smooth like butter

very smooth on your throat. enhances the taste of salads and drinks.

The Best

It's Pure And Original, Taste Lingers, But Costly


🍯 Honey test is different

Good honey

Honey was good and pure


My kids loves it.. and consume it daily ... ultimate taste and pure

Purest form of honey

Good in taste Eiwa honey👍

Ajwain Honey

Too good quality, feels organic and is organic, loved the blend.. surely gonna order more.

High Quality products

I tried Ajwain flavoured Honey. It's just amazing. After try this Honey my Immunity got increased I felt it. It also very useful for constipation patient.