Our Story

Eiwa Honey’s story lies at the core of India’s economy – an agrarian society. As technocrats with a drive to change the world for the better, we realized that the largest obstacle facing modern beekeepers was an inability to meet financial obligations  and  the ways archaic beekeeping methods were holding them back from reaching their full potential. Our proprietary technology was born from these observations.
By automating the beekeeping process, offering beekeepers training that empowers them to use our technology, shortening the supply chain by removing middlemen, and pricing our products in a way that allowed our beekeepers to enjoy their fair share. Eiwa Honey strives to change not only the lives of beekeepers, but also the way they are perceived in our society.
With bees being the key to environmental balance, beekeepers are certainly one of the most important (and unfortunately, overlooked) contributors of society. 
Additionally our focus on providing a near natural environment to bees led to our high-tech beehives that are designed for automatic extraction (of excess honey) among other great features that ensures bees are stress free and healthy.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is rather simple – take care of the bees to take care of the planet. By providing the right technology and training our beekeepers to follow ethical practices, we not only ensure that our customers enjoy unadulterated, hygienic, antibiotic and pesticide-free honey, but also that the bees themselves live happy, content lives.

We strongly believe that ,

"It is technology, and not certifications, that play a vital role in the delivery of great honey. "


Our mission is to..

Save Bees

Bees are our highest priority. Through our technology, we provide bees the most natural and stress-free environment that can nurture them and ensure their health. 

Uplift Beekeepers

Our farmers are empowered through technology that enables them to produce high-quality pure and natural honey, fetching them substantially high returns and improving their livelihoods. 

Improve Health

High-quality pure and natural honey can help our customers enjoy better mental and physical health, due to the myriad of benefits our natural honey types offer.  

Our Founders

A team of technocrats who are passionate about using technology to create a lasting social impact. 

Shashank Khare

IIT Alumnus with over 20 years of experience in Technology based development  

Lakshmi Gupta

A digital transformation strategist with over 19 years of experience in developing products and programs creating social impact.  

Rohit Goel

IIT Alumnus with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in ecommerce.  

★ Customer Reviews

Let customers speak for us

153 reviews

Love the product I have used many different honey eiwa purity and taste is 100% original.

Stands as one of the best so far

I have used alot of honey brands over the last few years. I was in constant search for a good unadulterated honey. Most of them weren't pure. I use basic honey testing methods to check their genuineness. Finally, I am happy that I have found Eiwa. I purchased only one 500gm, only to check if it's good enough. So far, I am really happy about it's consistency and rawness. I am thinking about exploring the various other honey options from eiwa. However, of all the options, I couldn't find forest honey. I have a local honey vendor who has forest honey, but he went out of business after the covid situation started. So, now I am looking for other options for my honey needs and I am really happy with eiwa. I don't wanna comment anything too soon, but I think eiwa maybe my permanent honey destination. The one and only thing is it's price. I understand that quality comes with a price. But it feels a little too steep. Otherwise, it's one of the best, I have found in India so far.

Pure natural sweet

A Perfect gift for your loved ones.... Pure honey and i personally thanks Eiwa for making such a great taste delicious honey.

Super Tasty - Multiflora Honey 500 gms

Nice taste, seems very pure honey.
I will certainly try other honey products from Eiwa. However the cost is bit high for Sidr Honey.

Enjoyed the product

I am very satisfied with the product and it's delivery to me. But most importantly, I would go out of my way to support the ethical treatment of bees, farmers, and consumers.