Weight Management Pack (Himalayan Multi-Floral, Ajwain, and Mustard)
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Weight Management Pack (Himalayan Multi-Floral, Ajwain, and Mustard)

Weight Management Pack (Himalayan Multi-Floral, Ajwain, and Mustard)

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What is in this pack?


This pack contains Mustard Honey, Himalayan Multi-floral Honey and  Ajwain Honey in 250gms packaging or 500gms packaging based on the pack size you choose.

How to Use?


• Take 2 tablespoons (20gms) of single-source honey with warm water at least 15 mins before each meal. You would need to consume at least 60gms of honey in a day. (Ideally one should have 1gm of honey per Kg of body weight for seeing health benefits. i.e. If your body weight is 60kgs you would need to consume 60gms of honey a day).

Continue this for a month to see noticeable benefits to health

• Note that each meal should be accompanied by a different type of honey for maximum benefits

The Weight Management Pack contains all the three honey types in 250gms or 500gms.

Customer Reviews

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Donlang Mawroh
Taste of nature

I enjoyed so is my whole family

Saniya Raza
Highly, highly recommend. 5 STARS.

These honeys are not only extracted with utmost precision and care to the bees but they're down right delicious! And the fact that these honeys are a first of its kind with tracebility and automation make Eiwa a groundbreaking Indian Brand. Kudos!


Eiwa Honey is extracted using High-tech beehives designed for zero Violence against the bees during honey harvesting.

The technology enables automatic extraction of honey from the storage frames within the hive without removing the frames or disturbing the bees. Brood frames with queen bees and larvae are untouched. The bees remain stree-free, healthy and happy.


  • Traceability

    Single source honey can be traced to the type of plant, its location, and time period and bee species.

  • Purity

    It is pure,unadulterated and safe for consumers .

  • Therapeutic Value

    It ensures unique flavour,texture and therapeutic value of the plants are retained.

How can you trace your Eiwa Honey?

World's first honey traceable to the source. Ensuring 100% Purity.

Directly sourced from the farmers, who use our Technology, with no middlemen involved. Honey is bottled in the farm and is shipped to our fulfilment center from where it is shipped to the consumers.

Steps to trace your EIWA Honey

Look for the QR code on the cap of the Eiwa Honey Bottle

Scan it Using a QR CODE scanner app or your camera (in case of iPhones)

You will be redirected to a link showing the farmer details and the location details of the farm from where the honey originated